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Pingueros En La Habana Pdf Freel

Pingueros En La Habana Pdf Freel

Pingueros en la Habana is a book by Cuban historian and gender studies scholar Julio César González Pagés, published in 2014 by Ediciones RIAM. The book is a result of a research project on male prostitution in Havana, Cuba, from 1998 to 2012. The book explores the lives, experiences, and identities of 150 pingueros, a term used to refer to male sex workers or prostitutes in Cuba.

The book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter provides a historical overview of male prostitution in Cuba from the early 20th century to the 1980s, highlighting some of the places and characters of this underground world, such as Manolete or Manolo Tolete, a Galician porn actor who lived in Cuba. The second and third chapters are based on interviews and observations of the pingueros, who share their stories of family violence, school dropout, contact with foreign tourists, and survival strategies. The book also analyzes how the pingueros negotiate their masculinity and identity in relation to the local concepts of gender and sexuality, as well as the nation and the revolution.

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The book is one of the few academic works that address the phenomenon of male prostitution in Cuba, which has been largely ignored or stigmatized by the mainstream media and society. The book offers a critical and empathetic perspective on the pingueros, who are often marginalized and discriminated against by their families, peers, and authorities. The book also challenges some of the stereotypes and myths that surround the pingueros, such as their sexual orientation, their motivations, their health risks, and their role in the sex tourism industry.

The book is available in digital format from Ediciones RIAM, a Cuban independent publishing house that specializes in social sciences and humanities. The book was presented at the 23rd International Book Fair of Cuba in 2014, where it received positive reviews and comments from the public and the media. The book is also cited by several academic articles and publications that deal with gender and sexuality issues in Cuba.

If you are interested in learning more about the pingueros and their world, you can download Pingueros en la Habana Pdf Freel from Ediciones RIAM or read some of the excerpts and interviews available online. You can also watch a documentary film called Pingueros: Male Sex Workers in Cuba, directed by Christian Liffers in 2006, which features some of the testimonies and scenes from the book.


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